How CBMA Implemented Pathmonk to increase leads by 61%

The ability to maximize the effectiveness of the website traffic is the mark of a successful business. With a limited amount of headcount in small teams it becomes even more crucial to use technology effectively to maximise the business output.

At CBMA the team was looking to maximize the value of their existing traffic. So what to do next? When they looked at their current technology setup they uncovered that the existing Facebook chat plugin that was setup wasn’t really generating more leads for the business. The chat plugin did not help to increase the amount of qualified leads from the website. In hind-sight it became clear that a passive chat that sits in the right bottom corner doesn’t really do the trick if you want to engage unsure or undecided visitors on your website. 

This was only one of the challenges CBMA tackled by setting up Pathmonk on their website. In their first month of using Pathmonk the team of CBMA achieved an increase of 61% in leads from their website. Pathmonk benefits not only CBMA’s business itself but also the website visitors. Once Pathmonk’s SmartCards are set up on the website, the visitors enjoy an improved website experience where they are being service relevant SmartCards to support their decision making and learn all about CBMAs products.

Increasing Qualified Leads & Reducing cost per Lead

CBMA’s goal was to improve the number of signups to drive up revenue. Just a month after starting with Pathmonk, the CBMA team has seen their pipeline continue to grow with leads directly influenced by or collected through SmartCards. Overall, CBMA has seen:

  • 61% increase the amount of leads (over the previous 2 month average)
  • +74% increase to the previous average conversion rate
  • SmartCards for a consultation bookings gave CBMA the ability to qualify leads and let those leads instantly book a time for a call

To grow a business like CBMA the team must use their advertising spend wisely. The +74% increase in website conversion rate means that the amount of advertising spend per lead also decreases. Hence, the team is able to reduce their Customer acquisition cost (CAC), meaning the cost of convincing a potential customer to sign up on the website. 

A great method to improve CAC is to improve on-site conversion metrics. Here is where SmartCard cards come into play again. One of the goals of SmartCards is to decrease your customer acquisition cost. If instead you double the amount of qualified leads that are captured from the website and you keep the same closing then your customer acquisition cost decreases by 50% on the same value per client. While revenue increases accordingly. Since Pathmonk aims to identify the best next SmartCard to show automatically with automatic A/B tests it maximises conversions with Artificial Intelligence.

Improving the Buying Journey

Especially on mobile, the bar is high when it comes a convenient user experience. Visitors want a fast, personalized, and easy to navigate experience. Website speed and access to relevant the most important information is therefore key. Since Pathmonk loads async the page speed isn’t affected – unlike many other JavaScript snippets that are set up. Now SmartCards deliver valuable nuggets of information to the website visitor.

Results Summary

Here’s a quick summary of the results CBMA has been able to achieve since implementing Pathmonk on their website:

    • Increase the amount of leads by 61% (over the previous 2 month average)
    • SmartCards for a consultation bookings gave CBMA the ability to qualify leads and let those leads instantly book a time for a call

All of this was realized after only a month after using Pathmonk. There are plenty of opportunities to expand to further SmartCards such as inspiring product description or testimonial videos. CBMA has just scratched the surface of what is possible.