Why CloudLead Switched From Drift Chat To Pathmonk To Book More Demos & Save Sales Rep Time

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COMPANY: Cloudlead is a US-based B2B data company with a vision to empower all sales and marketing professionals with the best data. 

USE CASE: Win More Leads

LIVE WEB ASSISTANT: cloudlead.co

"This was was very surprising. We need to spend less time but net in more demos..."
Moaaz Nagori
VP Marketing, CloudLead

Cloudlead is a US-based B2B data company with a vision to empower all sales and marketing professionals with the best data. Since 2015, they have been focused on harmonizing the power of both software and human researchers to build custom lists.

Since modern sales and marketing is becoming more and more data-driven they love helping their clients to grow with the power of custom, human verified data at scale. Given the high demand in their offer their were looking for a scalable way to offer personalized website interactions while increasing their own lead generation.

A Scalable Experience for Prospects

When CloudLead was successful in driving target accounts to their website, they wanted to give these accounts a fastlane to the sales team. So the team around Moaaz Nagori, VP of Marketing, was looking for ways to engage with those accounts on their website in a way that’s personalized, relevant and real-time. 

“We looked at our user journeys on the website and it became very clear that there was two key ways that prospects signed up for a demo – one via chat and one through a form” said Moaaz Nagori. A manned chat has been a conversion channel for CloudLead for a long time and a key element to the business but at the same time it requires CloudLead to man the chat with a team member.

Pathmonk enabled Cloudlead to scale the creation of personalized experiences beyond the chat. This allowed the team to increase the collected leads by +24% and reduce time on chat by 82%. Increasing leads & reducing the effort spent at the same time.

Capture More Leads Automatically

When Cloudlead found Pathmonk, they were open for a truly scalable solution – one that would help them capture more leads but save their sales team time and move their attention from chat to demo calls.

Since going live with Pathmonk, CloudLead has seen measured success in the leads collected. The Web Assistant provides visitors with a direct way to complete the goal of requesting free leads, but they also experience an immediate response. The team was able to use Pathmonk to send the stream of new leads directly into the email automaton tool (MailJet) they were already using. 

What Happened with the Chat?

Moaaz actually prefers to have the best of both worlds on the website. Drift’s free chat solution, now integrated in the Pathmonk Web Assistant, gives each website visitors the chance to still ask questions through chat if they want to. “At first it looked like having less chats would be a negative – but I quickly realized that having less chats while have more leads at the same time provided us with enormous scaling ability”. So did they fully switch away from Drift? Not quiet because they don’t need to. They can now focus their sales reps attention on closing deals while a personalized interaction on the website is provided automatically.

The Results

The results: 

The results opened up a new opportunity for Cloudlead – reducing the amount of time they needed to spend on their chat answering questions and more time meeting with clients for demos. Each new lead was sent into their email automation tool – immediately receiving an answer and booking their demo from there. 


Overall the team was able to collect +24% leads, reduce the time on chat by -82% while the Web Assistant keeps improving and learning. If you are in a similar position and would like to know how it actually works you can see the Assistant in action below. 


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