How PPC Protect Used Pathmonk To Increase Demo Requests By +30%

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COMPANY: PPC Protect is here to shake up the click fraud protection & ad verification industry. They the built world’s first real-time, autonomous click fraud protection engine. 

USE CASE: Book More Demos


"It's a challenge to accomodate the extra demos booked..."
Neil Andrew
Founder, PPC Protect

“Can we increase the demos on our site?”

That’s the question Neil Andrew, CEO at, asked himself. And Pathmonk helped do just that. For the PPC Protect team, the ultimate goal with Pathmonk was to increase the demos they book from their website. Since starting with Pathmonk, PPC Protect has seen a a solid conversion improvements:

The PPC protect team was looking for cost-efficient wins and spent their tech budget wisely. By choosing Pathmonk, the sales team at PPC Protect were able to unlock new sales opportunities from the existing website visitors.

How PPC Protect is managing Pathmonk

Behind the scenes, managing Pathmonk is easy and stress-free since the new leads are being sent straight into PPC’s HubSpot calendar. On average, Neil spends a few minutes per week in Pathmonk. The majority of that time is spent checking the data and updating Smartacards with new insights. The setup is focused on “evergreen” Smartcard content with a long shelf-life – keeping the maintenance level to a minimum.

PPC Protect has seen substantial benefits from Pathmonk integrations. For instance, the HubSpot chat integration gives the ability to keep their current workflow and send all leads straight into their CRM. It’s a small detail, but it helped us the team to save further time each day.

The initial setup process was seamless and didn’t require any heavy lifting – it literally took 3 minutes. It gave the team the valuable ability to personalize the experience for each visitor on the website.

Building A Personalized Website Experience

The PPC Protect team constantly needs to think of new, creative ways to drive more qualified leads to the sales team from their website. For the team it’s important to gain more valuable leads from the existing website traffic. Pathmonk is exactly allowed to do that.

Pathmonk acts like an intelligent sales assistant for the website, winning high quality leads for the sales team. The Web Assistant also shows a welcome message to let the site visitors know that there is an Assistant to help. It’s the virtual equivalent of having a salesperson greet shoppers as they walk into a store.

Not long after Neil implemented Pathmonk and put together revised his first Smartcards he started seeing positive results. It’s became clear that the website visitors started interacting with the Web Assistant. 

“We’re really pleased with the performance so far and look forward to what else he can bring to the table.” 

The results: Immediate ROI with Pathmonk

Before PPC Protect brought on Pathmonk, they saw about a good amount of leads coming through the website each month. Neil knew more was possible. That’s when he decided to bring in a Web Assistant solution. When he first implemented Pathmonk, he was able to drive an +30% increase in demo requests on their prior setup.

In a month after choosing Pathmonk, the team has seen their pipeline continue to grow with leads directly influenced by their Web Assistant. Clearly, the team had a lot of success with Pathmonk – more than it was originally expected. And PPC Protect has been able to see these results even though being a fairly small team. 

The whole setup process is pretty intuitive, you can actually see the Assistant in action just by clicking below.

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