How Project Vanguards modernised the buying experience & increased conversions by +240%

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COMPANY: Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Project Vanguards LLC is specializing in PMP (Project Management Professional) and ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner) education for project managers and professionals.

"I want to make sure that we increase our number of clients..."
Sean Thomas
CEO, Projet Vanguards

I want to modernize our buying experience to really communicate our value and show how we can help our visitors. At the same time I want to make sure that we  increase our number of clients!” Sean Thomas, CEO Project Vanguards

San Antonio-based education provider Project Vanguards is a leader in the PMP education industry. Their solution provides comprehensive & objective third party analyses to their clients. The mission is to provide hands-on and integrative training to business leaders, organizations, and individuals of all professions that manage projects & provide consultations.

The value that Project Vanguard’s services provides is obvious. But Project Vanguards hit a roadblock. While they knew that their services provided significant financial value, the team didn’t get the maximum value in form of leads from their existing website traffic. Project Vanguards CEO knew that improving the buying experience and the customer journey was crucial to the company’s success.Taking a look under the hood of Project Vanguard’s website, the team realized that despite considerable website traffic, not enough visitors were filling out the forms on their site.

“I recognized that our buying experience wasn’t a competitive advantage but I had the feeling we could do better to carry our mission to more clients”.

You can see how the team pivoted their online strategy with Pathmonk’s Intelligent Assistant for their website – and how it helped to get higher conversions and a stellar customer journey. All without having to change their website.

How Project Vanguards Got Started With Pathmonk

The team at Project Vanguards was able to unlock new sales opportunities from their existing website visitors. The Intelligent Assistant gave the team the valuable ability to personalize the experience for each visitor on the website without having to put any manual work into it.

So how did they get there?

Overall, the setup of Pathmonk was quick and easy. The setup process was seamless and didn’t require any heavy lifting – it literally took a few minutes. Now the team at Project Vanguards is receiving the new arriving leads as handy notifications and visitors experience a modern & intelligent buying experience.

Offering An Optimized Buying Journey

It was clear to CEO, Sean Thomas, that each customer has very specific needs and each of them has their unique journey. He wanted to provide this personalized experience on the website – but how?

Pathmonk and its Artificial Intelligence now does the work for the Project Vanguards team to find the optimal path to conversion for each visitor.

To provide this personalized buying experience, Pathmonk is watching each visitor on Project Vanguard’s website and analyses their steps. Based on the visitor’s steps the Intelligent Assistant smartly chooses which information to show next – making their experience interactive and playful. 

The team at Pathmonk worked closely with Project Vanguards to uncover opportunities for higher conversions. The Assistant was set to provide a new conversion goal called “Application Help”. The results of the Assistant were stunning the time on page increased and with that the conversion increased by +240%.

The results

Before Project Vanguards restarted on Pathmonk, they saw occasional leads coming through the website each month. With the decision to optimize the buying experience with Pathmonk’s Intelligent Assistant for websites the team was able to drive an +240% increase from their prior setup.

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