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Benefits of Tackling your Digital Carbon Footprint​

Access to funding and grants for sustainable businesses​

Enhanced brand reputation among stakeholders

Competitive advantage and market opportunities

Nurture relations and build strategic alliances

Why are carbon neutral
websites so important?

Every action on a website requires energy to complete
creating a very significant carbon footprint

"The internet is the world’s largest coal-powered machine. Burning fossil fuels to power it needlessly shortens the lives of millions of people each year. We need a fossil-free internet by 2030."

The Green Web Foundation
Berlin / Germany

"The internet accounts for 3.7% of the global greenhouse emissions, similar to the airline industry. The emissions are predicted to double by 2025."

Climate Impact Partners London / UK

"The internet releases as much CO2 as all the coal, oil and gas burned in Turkey or Poland a year, or more than half of the fossil fuels burned in the UK."

The Guardian
London / UK

"The internet is responsible for roughly 1 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases a year."

The Boston Consulting GroupBoston / USA

Benefits of
carbon offset with
Pathmonk Climate


Automatically - A Green Website

Next Step on your way to Net-zero: Automaticaly offset emisions from your website. Pathmonk Climate offsets your emissions via high-quality & certified climate projects. It's never been easier.

Zero Effort

Effort & Time Saved

Automaticaly measure and offset emissions every month without any work required. Pathmonk Climate drastically reduces the effort needed to calculate your website's carbon footprint.

High Impact

Enhanced Trust in Your Brand

Customers are more sustainably conscious and employees prefer a sustainability strategy. Share your climate action commitment with customers investors.

Join the fight against climate change.
Start with your website

The more climate leaders that join the fight, the higher chance of restoring a healthier planet for us to live on.





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