Analyses the data & buying journey on your website, then see what to change to improve & get more customers.

Enables retargeting & custom audiences for your ads completely cookieless based on buying journey stages.

Offset your website
With the
Right Plan
Tailored for small websites, personal blogs, local businesses, and small e-commerce stores looking to make a positive impact. ​

9,99 $/MONTH
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Perfect for mid-sized e-commerce platforms, service providers, and content creators aiming to align their brand with eco-friendly initiatives.​

20 $/MONTH
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Ideal for large e-commerce enterprises, news portals, and established online platforms looking to make a substantial and lasting impact on the environment.
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Automate your Website Carbon Offset

Pathmonk Climate unique features

Instant Carbon Credit Calculation

Pathmonk Climate instantly calculates the precise amount of carbon credits needed, eliminating the need for manual calculations and streamlining your offsetting process.

Automated Carbon
Footprint Offsetting

Effortlessly offset your website’s carbon footprint through Pathmonk Climate’s automated process. One click and you are ready to go.

Certified Sustainable Projects

Partnered with certified sustainable projects to ensure your offset contributions have a positive and lasting impact on the environment.

Transparent Certification

Receive a certification demonstrating your company’s commitment to sustainability through effective carbon offsetting.

Enhanced Corporate
Social Responsibility

Bolster your corporate social responsibility initiatives by actively showcasing your dedication to the environment, setting your company apart as a socially conscious entity.

Community Engagement

Connect with a community of like-minded businesses and individuals committed to environmental stewardship, fostering collaboration and shared responsibility.

Pathmonk Climate Pricing FAQs

Pathmonk Climate takes into account the amount of monthly pageviews your website is receiving. This data is then processed to generate a detailed and accurate carbon footprint report for your website.

Pathmonk Climate invests in a range of high-quality climate projects, including reforestation initiatives, renewable energy projects, and sustainable development programs, to effectively offset your website’s carbon emissions.

Currently, Pathmonk Climate automatically selects and invests in high-quality climate projects. While customization options are not available at this time, we focus on supporting projects that have a significant positive impact.

Yes, Pathmonk Climate is designed to be adaptable to various types and sizes of websites. Whether you have a small blog or a large e-commerce platform, Pathmonk Climate can help you offset your website’s carbon emissions.

No problem. Simply introduce your traffic and we’ll recalculate your website’s carbon footprint to ensure accurate and effective offsetting.