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With Pathmonk AI-powered customer journey optimization platform, you can create hyper-relevant interactions for your prospects to boost your marketing results automatically.

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Pathmonk helps businesses like yours turn visitors automatically into sales, leads, or bookings.

What Is Pathmonk?

Pathmonk is a marketing platform that uses AI to help businesses grow faster and more efficiently.

We have three core products to help your website sell more by understanding what visitors are interested in and guiding them towards making a purchase. 

And this is how it works


We capture every interaction in your website and analyze how visitors behave.


We anticipate your website visitors future moves in real time based on our AI models.

Drive Results

We personalize visitors’ journeys showing them the right information at the right time.


Our Products

Three products, one platform.
Built to work together for faster results.

Analyze and understand how your website visitors behave.


Achieve better results in any website with real-time personalization.


Enhance ad retargeting using visitors' behavior, without cookies.

What makes

Pathmonk better

Say goodbye to annoying chatbots, complicated
analytics and hundreds of recorded videos

Increased Lead Generation

Pathmonk understands what visitors want, leading to higher conversions.

Small Lead

Pathmonk translates data into actionable recommendations.

Start In
Five Minutes

Quick and easy self-service setup, no need for developers.

Long setup
Qualified Leads

Receive comprehensive contact information for an efficient qualification.

Don't get
contact info

See it for yourself

Growth-seeking companies that have happily optimized their customer journey and multiplied their ROI.

Relax & Get Results

Sit back while our AI does all the heavy work

Committed to a

Greener Internet

We have developed a complementary solution, Pathmonk Climate, to support businesses on their sustainability journey.

Calculate and neutralize your website carbon footprint.