Turn your web into a

sales machine

with AI

Turn your website into a sales machine with AI

Leverage the power of AI and data analysis to:
  • Achieve more conversions automatically
  • Optimize your customer buying journey
  • Solve your attribution issues
  • Go cookieless

AI Marketing solutions

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All your website needs is love Pathmonk

Discover our AI marketing suite of tools for each one of your challenges:
from increasing web conversions, to solving attribution struggles, switching to lightweight analytics and cookieless retargeting.

Website personalization based on user intent

Improve your users' experience with AI-powered personalization. Boost +50% conversions and speed up revenue generation.

AI Marketing tools - Pathmonk Accelerate

Smart, simple and cookieless analytics

Access users' intent data, buying journey information, enhanced attribution and much more from a single source of truth.

Pathmonk Intelligence - Conversion funnel analysis

Intent-based retargeting without cookies

Retarget in real time based on your users' intent to maximize your ads' ROI. No cookies needed.

AI Marketing tools - Pathmonk Retargeting

Offset your website carbon footprint

Go green with Pathmonk Climate

At Pathmonk we are commited to create a more sustainable internet, that is why we have added to our solutions the capability to measure and offset the carbon footprint generated by websites.

What makes Pathmonk better?

Say goodbye to annoying chatbots, complicated analytics, and hundreds of recorded videos.

60.000+ captured
website leads

Join fast-growing companies with +84 million buying journey data points across industries like SaaS, services, or agencies.

Helping hundreds of happy clients

Did you know 98% of your website visitors
are leaving without converting?

Automatically lift your CRO and stop leaking money with our AI marketing solutions.

Outgrow your marketing goals with the power of AI

We want Marketing and Sales teams to work smarter, not just harder.
Add Pathmonk to your website in seconds and leverage your existing content to instantly increase +50% your website conversions.