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Interview – Ben Swartz – How this agency increases website conversions for thier clients

How to overcome your biases to increase conversions? Ben is an expert in digital marketing [...]

Interview – Adam Broadway – Scaling SaaS with channel partners

In this episode, we are talking to Adam Broadway who is the co-founder of PlatformOS, [...]

Interview – David Bell – How does App Store Optimization work?

In today’s episode, we talk with David who is the co-founder & CEO of Gummicube [...]

Interview – Emeric Ernoult – Building an inbound strategy to win SMB clients

Emeric Ernoult is a Co-Founder and CEO of Agorapulse which is a social media management [...]

Interview – Nick Corneil – Redefining the role of a website to grow a SaaS business?

Nick Corneil is the founder of Trainer+ which is a web and mobile platform for [...]

Interview – Matthew White – How to scale your product through agencies?

Matthew White is the CEO and founder of Qebot which is an online and mobile [...]

Interview – Manan Shah – How to achieve 40% more demo sign ups

This time we met with Manan Shah, the co-founder and CEO of Recruiterflow, which is [...]

Interview – Gil Eyal – Making dynamic website content a reality

Gil Eyal is the CEO and founder of HYPR, the market leader in data-driven influencer [...]

Interview – Tomasz Pindel – Building high-quality website traffic

In today’s episode, we focus on the qualification of website traffic and discuss all about [...]

Interview – Cornelius Boertjens – How to start with website optimization?

Cornelius Boertjens is a digital marketing strategist who has more than 15 years of experience. [...]

Interview – Jeremy Almond – Qualifying your website leads

Today we are discussing all about website optimization with Jeremy Almond who is a co-founder [...]

Interview – Martin Peters – Where to find your first customers

In this episode, we spoke to Martin Peters who is the founder and CEO of [...]

Interview – Rory Crawford – How to grow online in an offline driven industry

This time we talked with Rory Crawford, who is the co-founder and CEO of BevSpot [...]

Interview – Kurt Daniel – Discovering strong channels for your SaaS company

In today’s episode we spoke to Kurt Daniel who is the CEO of Ubersmith, which [...]

Interview – Garrett Mehrguth – How to decrease Customer Acquisition Cost

This time we spoke with Garrett Mehrguth who is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer [...]

Interview – Alan Chapman – Owning your website conversions

Who in your team is actually responsible for more conversions from your website? Is it [...]

How CBMA Implemented Pathmonk to increase leads by 61%

The ability to maximize the effectiveness of the website traffic is the mark of a […]

Interview – Raphael Paulin-Daigle: What really makes people buy online

Raphael is the founder of SplitBase, a conversion optimization agency, who helps high-growth ecommerce companies [...]

Interview – Mark Tillison: How to avoid wasting your online ad spend

Mark loves celebrating client growth using digital marketing for inbound teams. He is the proud [...]

Interview – Tony Simonovsky: Data insights are the future of your business

In 2015 Tony created InsightWhale with the aim to help small and medium businesses worldwide [...]

Interview – Dean Lynn: How to think about the best metrics for your website

Marketing and business development is what Dean has done for his entire career. He started [...]

Interview – Danny Richman: How to use Emotional Goal Optimisation to Increase Rankings & Conversions

Too little traffic for A/B testing? So what to do now while everyone is telling [...]

Interview – Brian Massey: How to increase revenue with your existing website traffic

Every website has hidden money in it: sales or leads that go uncaptured because of [...]

Interview-Ivan Imhoff: Finding conversion killers on your site

We met with Ivan Imhoff Global VP of Digital at Kaspersky. With over 20 years [...]

Interview – Darren A. Smith: Balancing SEO and Page Speed for more Sign ups

Darren's team at Making Business Matter (MBM) delivers Soft Skills Training to the UK Grocery [...]

Interview: Yousouf Neetoo – The role of mobile websites for growth

Yousouf Neetoo is the Managing Director of trading as Acudemy Training, an independent Training organisation. [...]

Interview: Mary Thomas – Systems & processes to grow your business online

Concise Training was established in 2008. Mary Thomas originally created Concise Training to provide Microsoft [...]

Interview: Chris Dalzell – How to create personalized experiences online

Chris Dalzell from Maguire Training is sharing her valuable experience on how to create online [...]

Interview: Joe Schafer – Growing your marketing agency online

Joe Schaefer from the Digital Marketing Group is teaching Entrepreneurs to build up their successful [...]

How to sell your online course using this underutilised SEO strategy

At CourseMagnet our goal is to help you to get more website visitors and  signups […]

The journey of a course buyer (from a real student perspective)

As a recent graduate I can tell you that deciding which course to partake in […]

3 Ways to Win Clients on Mobile Without Redesigning your Website

Have you checked recently how much of your website traffic is coming from mobile devices? […]

4 Top Tips to increase Website Conversions (with the User Journey in mind)

Believe it or not, there isn’t much standing between you and conversion rates double or […]

7 Things to do When your Website Redesign Turns Bad

If you’re unfortunate enough to find yourself a victim of a website redesign gone wrong [...]

Tips for copywriting that supports the user journey

There are not many skills that can help you to sell more courses as copywriting. [...]

Get More Sales with a Tailored Visitor Experience

The journey of a user trying to find the right course can be long. It […]

Automatically Engage Visitors With Your Product to win

At CourseMagnet we learned that most businesses have access to only about 2% of their […]

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