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Instant 1.5x lift in
website conversions
with your current traffic

Pathmonk analyses all actions of the website visitors and delivers personalized micro-moments that convert more visitors into leads

Convert more visitors into leads automatically

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1.5x lift in
on your website

Pathmonk analyses all actions of the website visitors and delivers personalized micro-moments that convert more visitors into leads

Convert more visitors into leads automatically

How it works?​

How it works?

Pathmonk adds Artificial Intelligence to your website conversion funnel,
it detects the buyer personas on your website and reacts to your visitor's actions automatically. In a nutshell, Pathmonk powers-up your website with AI to get higher conversions with no extra effort.

Watch the video to see why marketing teams use Pathmonk

Watch the video to see why Artificial Intelligence is a game changer for your business

With one line of code...

Intent data & Micro-Moments
power-up your Website Buying Journey

Automatically customized conversion funnels: Every visitor, every stage & every device

awareness buying journey tool
consideration buying journey tool
decision buying journey tool
closing buying journey tool

1. Awareness:
Retain more visitors on your site, reduce bounce rate, engage more visitors & increase time on-page. Optionally, filter which traffic regions you want to optimize the conversions for

2. Consideration:
Build interest and trust by using your content and resources (videos, ebooks, case studies, white-papers, testimonials etc.) to showcase your value. At the same time gather customers' insights from potential customers.

3. Decision:
Capture and qualify more leads, demos, calls, etc. Capture visitors in every page, always ready at the right time. Know the lead score, buying probability and expected deal value. Also, fast track the hot leads

4. Closing:
Send all your leads and unique sales insights to your CRM, with full integration into your existing sales process and tech stack. Close more deals and prioritise the most valuable ones. Shorten your sales cycle with no extra effort

...automatically personalized

Engage visitors with Micro-Moments

Engage visitors with Micro-Moments


Build interest and trust


uplift conversions

Close more deals

Convert and Monetize your website traffic


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Conversion funnels

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to get more leads
is Pathmonk

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Lead Conversion

Convert more visitors into leads with engaging micro-moments. From the very first instant on your website until they decide to acquire your product or get in touch. All automatically done for you.

1.5x Conversion Increase

Conversion Funnel

Access to dynamic & automatically customised Buying Journeys for each individual visitor on your website. Show the right CTA for each stage to deliver a winning experience and delight your visitors

Unlock new ways to convert visitors

Buyer Persona
Analysis Report

Make intent-data-driven decision on your website with Pathmonk. It automatically detects the buyer personas and analises how deep they are in the buying journey. See the companies that browse your page

Make intent data-driven decisions

You're one click away from boosting conversions on your website

Integrate Pathmonk into your current tools

Pathmonk complements your current marketing funnel with no extra effort required on your side. You keep doing marketing the same way just with more and better qualified leads. 

sales process integration

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