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Boost +50% conversions and revenue

· Achieve more conversions automatically
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98% of your website
visitors are leaving
without converting

98% of your website visitors are
leaving without converting

Outgrow your marketing goals
with the power of AI

We want Marketing and Sales teams to work smarter, not just harder. Add Pathmonk to your website in seconds and leverage your existing content to instantly increase +50%
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Website personalization
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Improve your users' experience with
AI-powered personalization.
Boost +50% conversions
and speed up revenue generation

No more annoying chatbots and popups

· Automatic conversion improvement
· No changes or new content required
· Hyper-relevant user journeys

Smart, simple and
cookieless analytics

Access users' intent data, buying journey information, enhanced attribution and much more from a single
source of truth

Stop having
nightmares with GA4

· Multi-touch optimized attribution
· Cookieless tracking
· Effortless top-level analytics

Intent-based retargeting
without cookies

Retarget in real time based on your user's intent to maximize your ads' ROI. No cookies needed

Stop missing tracking pixels​

· Bypass the cookie apocalypse
· Intent-based personalization
· Re-engage across all ad platforms


Offset your website
carbon footprint

Go green with Pathmonk Climate

At Pathmonk we are commited to create a more sustainable internet, that is why we have added to our solutions the capability to measure and offset the carbon footprint generated by websites.

What makes
Pathmonk better

Say goodbye to annoying chatbots, complicated
analytics and hundreds
of recorded videos

60.000+ captured website leads

Join fast-growing companies with
+2 billion buying journey data points across industries like
SaaS, services, or agencies.

Helping hundreds of happy clients

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Our plans can be tailored to your needs so that you can
enjoy Pathmonk
exactly the way you want to
Our plans can be tailored to your needs
so that you can enjoy Pathmonk
exactly the way you want to

Boost your
website conversions automatically

User Journey Analysis

Growth Opportunity Detection

Personalized Interactions

No Website Changes Needed

Moneyback Guarantee For <20% Lift

Access all your buying journey analytics in the easiest dashboard

Cookieless Analytics

Goodbye to GA4 and Tag Manager

Get Rid of Attribution Inconsistencies

Receive Actionable Insights

One Single Source of Truth

Cookie-free ads that retargets users based on
their real-time intent

Boost your Campaigns’ ROI

No Third-Party Data Required

Cross-Platform Experience

Connects with
All Your Automation Tools​

No Developers Required

Join the fight against climate change.
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Automatically Offset your Website​

Get Proof of your
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Certified Green Projects

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