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Pathmonk was inspired by a problem our founders experienced personally: there was no way to support the long user journey of course buyers online. As we got to know our users, we discovered that each course buyer has their unique questions and needs for inspiration along the journey. Users require research and evaluate very carefully their time investment, the forseeable impact on their life or work.

The team has studied the steps that users take while they are buying courses online. As a result we built a technology (based on AI) that improves the buying journey and provides the best next step for each user in your website through what we call Smart Cards. Using SmartCards, we collect their contact data, the course they are interested in and more data like probability of them buying your product.

Our Founders

Rayco B. Diaz

Founder, Technology

Rayco is passionate about building products. He is focused on applying Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to User Journey problems. His second love is to work with Optimisation, Algorithms and Parallel Computing.
Lukas Haensch

Founder, UX/Operations

Lukas breathes design and UX. He takes care of revealing details in the User Journeys and applying latest UX paradigms to smooth the customer experience. His motto is to make the buyer experience awesome.

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