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Meet The Founders

Rayco Batista

Rayco is passionate about building products. He is focused on applying Artificial Intelligence and Data Science to high scale problems.

Lukas Haensch

Lukas breathes design and UX. He takes care of revealing details in the User Journeys and applying latest UX paradigms to smooth the customer experience.

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Our Story

Rayco Batista and Lukas Haensch met in Dublin in 2014, while working for top-class tech companies. Their passion for technology and startups connected them immediately, and they soon started participating in entrepreneurial weekend events together.

Pathmonk was initially created to facilitate communication with potential clients on a web. As with all new adventures, the first months were full of excitement and new learnings. However, it also demanded hard work as we navigated the efforts of piecing together every aspect, from product development to marketing to sales strategies.

The initial version of Pathmonk encompassed a comprehensive suite of automated tools designed for chatbots, facilitating a seamless transition for buyers as they moved from a website to various chat applications. However, we quickly identified that chatbots were assuming a passive role in the buyer’s journey on websites, with limited interactions and a primary focus on providing support rather than driving conversions.

This was when the concept of micro-experiences was born, a concept that had not been explored previously. It was the perfect opportunity to pioneer a groundbreaking solution capable of accurately predicting users’ intentions in real-time and delivering personalized, relevant content at scale. To add to its appeal, the solution was designed to be entirely cookieless and fully compliant with evolving privacy regulations.

Pathmonk’s future is built upon a strong foundation, and our focus now is on expanding our services to encompass new use cases while embracing cutting-edge technologies. This includes venturing into the revolutionary world of web3, where we aim to stay at the forefront of innovation. By embracing these advancements, we strive to deliver enhanced value and stay ahead in an ever-evolving digital landscape.