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Why are carbon neutral websites so important?

Every action on a website requires energy to complete,
creating a very significant carbon footprint.

"The internet is the world’s largest coal-powered machine. Burning fossil fuels to power it needlessly shortens the lives of millions of people each year. We need a fossil-free internet. By 2030."
The Green Web Foundation
Berlin I Germany
"The internet accounts for 3.7% of the global greenhouse emissions, similar to the airline industry. The emissions are predicted to double by 2025."
Climate Impact Partners
London I UK
"The internet is responsible for roughly 1 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases a year."
The Boston Consulting Group
Boston I United States
"The internet releases as much CO2 – as all the coal, oil and gas burned in Turkey or Poland a year, or more than half of the fossil fuels burned in the UK."
The Guardian
London I UK

Benefits of carbon offset with Pathmonk Climate

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Pathmonk Climate FAQ

Compensating your website’s carbon footprint is increasingly relevant because it helps to offset the emissions caused by the energy used to power the servers and infrastructure that your website relies on. This can help to mitigate the impact of your website on the environment and contribute to efforts to combat climate change. Additionally, compensating your website’s carbon footprint can demonstrate to your customers and stakeholders that your organization is committed to sustainability and taking steps to reduce its environmental impact.

Some of them include the electricity used to power data centers and servers, as well as emissions from the transportation and manufacturing of the physical components used in these facilities. Additionally, emissions from the cooling systems used to keep data centers and servers at optimal temperatures, and emissions from the energy used to power the devices used to access the website can also contribute to the website’s carbon footprint.

Joining Pathmonk Climate is a simple and effective way to carbon offset the emissions associated with your website. By becoming a member of Pathmonk Climate, your organization will automatically compensate the emissions caused by the energy used to power your website. Not only will your organization be taking action to combat climate change, but you will also be able to display a special badge on your website to demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. This badge serves as a symbol of your organization’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact and can help to build trust with your customers and stakeholders.