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with real-time personalization

98% of your website visitors are leaving without converting. Why don't you stop leaking money?

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What Is Accelerate?

Accelerate helps businesses increase sales from their website by turning visitors into customers.

We use AI to predict what visitors are looking for in your website, and what potential frictions they could have, showing them exactly what they need at the right time.

Get started in 3 easy steps


When you purchase your Accelerate license, you'll be able to implement it in two simple steps. Our plug-and-play software ensures that you'll be up and running in no time.

Automated creation
of interactions

Our AI creates experiences from your existing content, so you don't need to create new materials. You can use videos, downloadable assets, testimonials, bookings, and more.

Watch your
results grow

Accelerate takes care of the heavy lifting, enhancing your results automatically. This allows you to save resources, concentrate your efforts, and prove the value of your marketing strategy.

Want to know more?

See how Accelerate helps your business improve +50% results with AI-powered personalization.

Pathmonk Accelerate will
make your marketing team:

Achieve and exceed
business goals

Marketing teams focus on generating leads and converting them into customers. With Accelerate you can say goodbye to websites that don't generate enough results.

Fix underperforming
ad campaigns

Squeeze every dollar invested in paid media. Accelerate increases your website conversions, which will automatically lower your paid campaigns' CPA and boost your ROI.

Get the right kind of
leads to Sales

Finding the right leads and qualifying them is time-consuming. Accelerate automates qualification by scoring prospects based on their interactions, accelerating the sales pipeline.

Works beautifully
with every website

No developers required. Pathmonk Accelerate is simply plugged into your website, making you fully independent from developers. The entire buying journey is automatically tracked for you.

No need for cookie

Pathmonk Accelerate provides privacy-friendly website analytics. Completely cookieless and fully compliant
with GDPR.

It is built for privacy-conscious website owners. You get actionable improvement suggestions to help you improve your site, including conversion funnel analysis, while visitors keep having a nice and enjoyable experience.

What makes Accelerate better?

Increased Lead Generation

Accelerate understands what visitors want, leading to
higher conversions.

Small Lead
Your Visitors

Our interactions match user intent, ensuring they're shown exactly what they need.

Landing Pages
Frustrating User Experience
Start In
Five Minutes

Quick setup with our concierge service, featuring automatically created interactions.

Long Setup

How it works


After adding Accelerate to your website, our engine will immediately begin gathering data to comprehend each user's actions and create intention models.


Our technology analyzes your website visitors' interactions, recognizing their actions and patterns. This enables us to anticipate their next likely move using our AI models.

Drive Results

Serve relevant personalized interactions that match your users’ intent. Delight your visitors and influence them to complete your goal, whether that is to purchase, book a demo, download an asset, etc.

The Fastest Growing Companies
Trust Pathmonk

Growth-seeking companies that have happily optimized their customer journey and multiplied their ROI.

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flexible pricing plans

Pay for what you need, when you need it. Our plans are scalable, based on your monthly page-views





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