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An analytics suite to understand your customer journey, user intent, and AI-driven attribution modeling.
The painless alternative to Google Analytics.

Pathmonk Intelligence - Conversion funnel analysis

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How it works

1. Add in seconds

Add Pathmonk Intelligence to your website with our plug-and-play solution. Our engine will automatically start compiling data to understand each user’s behaviour and build intention models.

2. Analyze in real time

Our technology analyzes your users as they interact with your website, identifying their actions and patterns. No cookies involved.

3. Get powerful insights to drive conversions

Access data from all your marketing channels in one single source of truth. Let our AI do all the heavy-pulling math.

Website analytics that actually speaks your language

Stop struggling with GA4 and Tag Manager

Intelligence empowers marketers to take control of their data analysis, without the need for coding or technical expertise. Easy to install, use, and understand.


Your privacy-friendly analytics tool

By eliminating the reliance on cookies, Intelligence technology ensures that your marketing data remains accurate, and fully compliant, even as privacy regulations continue to change.

Get rid of attribution inconsistencies

Optimize your results by accurately understanding channel and campaign performance with our AI-powered algorithm. One formula to rule them all.


Maximize your campaigns' ROI

Get more profit from your ads. Understand exactly what's working, what's not, and how to improve your campaigns with our suggestions report.

Single Source of Truth

Automate data collection from all your sources and get a comprehensive conversion funnel analysis.

No Events Needed

We track every single action of your users without the hassle of event implementation.

1 Minute Setup

Get up and running in a matter of seconds. No IT skills required.

No need for cookie banners or GDPR consent

Pathmonk Intelligence provides privacy-friendly website analytics. Completely cookieless and fully compliant with GDPR.

It is built for privacy-conscious website owners. You get actionable improvement suggestions to help you improve your site, including conversion funnel analysis, while visitors keep having a nice and enjoyable experience.

All of the data. None of the headaches.

Forget about endless piles of data and long hours of user recordings.
Pathmonk Intelligence is the single source of truth that you can trust.


Works beautifully with every website

No developers required. Pathmonk Intelligence is simply plugged into your website, making you fully independent from developers. The entire buying journey is automatically tracked for you.

Start finding low hanging
fruits on your website too

Ready to dive into advanced website analytics the smart way?

Find out more about how Pathmonk Intelligence can help you today.

Conversion funnel analysis Conversion funnel analysis Conversion funnel analysis Conversion funnel analysis