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Join our partner program and grow your agency business through our exclusive agency partner benefits.

How does our
Partner Program work?

Pathmonk Partner Program is designed for digital advertising agencies who manage Pathmonk solutions for other brands or marketers.

Pathmonk Partner agencies get access to a wide range of benefits, including a reduced-feee to access our platform and training as well as access to beta products.

Earn 20% commission
By becoming a Pathmonk Partner you receive a 20% recurring commission on all active subscriptions.
Premium Support
As a Pathmonk Partner you will receive priority support from our dedicated Customer Success team.
Exclusive Training
Develop your AI marketing skills with our guides and learning courses. Become a top of the class marketer.
Showcase your knowledge of Pathmonk products and technology and attract
new customers.

Why Agencies
Choose Pathmonk

We are revolutionizing CRO
& Data-Driven Decisions

Benefit from a multi-product solution that covers all aspects of CRO

Transform visitors into customers seamlessly with our innovative conversion strategies

Equip your agency with the power of actionable data, enabling informed decision-making for superior results

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Website Conversions

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Partner Program FAQ

At Pathmonk, our mission is to build the ultimate revenue growth engine for your agency. Our cutting-edge technology, powered by Artificial Intelligence, is designed to boost your revenue by more than 50%.

We focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience, increasing the time visitors spend on your page, and enhancing engagement—all without making a single change to your client’s website.
Pathmonk distinguishes itself by utilizing AI to provide unparalleled insights into user behavior and preferences. Our technology goes beyond traditional optimization methods, offering a dynamic and adaptive approach to maximize conversion rates.

Unlike other solutions, Pathmonk delivers results swiftly, requiring no website modifications. This ensures a seamless integration into your client’s existing setup while achieving rapid and sustainable improvements in conversion metrics.
To qualify for the Pathmonk Partner Program, agencies must demonstrate a proven track record of delivering customer success and possess the necessary skills in the digital marketing landscape.

Upon qualification, your team gains access to our platform for testing purposes, allowing you to familiarize yourselves with our offerings. This ensures that you can confidently recommend our products to clients, knowing they align with the needs and expectations of your customer base.
Absolutely! Pathmonk is committed to the success of our partners. Upon joining the program, your agency gains access to dedicated support, including training sessions, resources, and a responsive support team.

We’re here to assist you in maximizing the benefits of our platform and ensuring your clients achieve sustained growth in conversions.

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Join our partner program and grow your agency business through our exclusive agency partner benefits.