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Qualified Leads is an established Internet marketing firm dedicated to helping businesses, from international Fortune 500 companies to local and national entities, maximize their visibility online

The Challenge: Struggling to Convert Visitors faced a dual challenge in updating their website. Firstly, they needed to ensure that the website’s messaging was precisely tailored to appeal to the specific target audiences in terms of demographics, industries, and geographic locations they targeted. 

Secondly, they sought to enhance the overall user experience on their site without undertaking a full-scale website redesign. The goal was to implement these improvements in a way that was both cost-effective and minimally disruptive to their ongoing operations. 

The overarching objective was to attract more visitors and convert a higher percentage of these visitors into qualified leads and potential sales by offering a more engaging and personalized online experience. This strategy was aimed at improving lead quality, thereby increasing the likelihood of securing consultations and closing deals.

The Solution: Real-Time User Engagement

To increase’s conversion rate, President Alexandra Marshall decided to leverage Pathmonk’s AI-powered personalization engine, achieving:

  • Boosted Click-to-Call and Consultations: Enabled more direct calls and bookings through the website without changing its structure.
  • Instant Real-Time Engagement: Visitors could interact immediately and receive personalized content via Smartcards, making the website more interactive.
  • Seamless Website Integration: The tool worked smoothly with the existing site, enhancing user experience without disruption.
  • Better Insights on Visitor Behavior: Provided valuable data on how visitors interact with the site, helping to refine marketing strategies.
  • Effective Content Updates: Adjusted content dynamically based on visitor actions, keeping the website engaging and relevant.

The Results: +39% Qualified Sales Proposals

Within just a month of integrating Pathmonk, experienced a significant transformation in their sales pipeline:

39% Uplift in Qualified Sales Proposals: The implementation of the Pathmonk Web Assistant led to a 39% increase in the number of qualified sales proposals being sent out, thereby substantially growing their potential revenue streams.

Enhanced User Experience: The website provided a more personalized and streamlined buying journey, making it easier for visitors to navigate and make purchases.

Increased Trust and Credibility: By showcasing customer testimonials and reviews, built stronger trust with potential buyers.

Key Findings:

  • Tailored Content Delivery: The use of AI-powered interactions to present targeted content based on user behavior and preferences was key in increasing engagement and conversions.
  • Minimal Website Disruption: The ability to enhance site functionality and user interaction without significant changes to the website proved highly effective, ensuring that the core user experience remained intact while still driving higher conversions.
  • Ongoing Optimization Opportunities: The continued success of the Pathmonk integration suggests significant potential for further optimizations, such as geo-location targeting and matching content to specific ad campaigns, to further increase conversion rates and sales.

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