InSync Generates +154% More Conversions with Pathmonk

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COMPANY: InSync Physio provides integrated, patient-centred health care clinics. Insync  is a Physio- and Rehabilitation centre with clinic locations in and around Vancouver.  As award-winning clinics, they help their clients to get the results that they are looking for.

Guided by their values the company strives for the highest level of professional and personal care.

"I knew I wanted to create more engagement & trust on the website."
Wil Seto
CEO, Insync

InSync Generates +154% More Conversions with Pathmonk

Vancouver based InSync provides a unique blend of integrated patient-centred health care services for those who seek to continue an active healthy lifestyle after experiencing limitations due to injury. They are committed to helping their clients get back ‘InSync’ with optimal health & maximum potential for sport, work or play. 

As award-winning clinics, they help their clients get the results that they are looking for. Guided by their values they strive for the highest level of professional and personal care and service while utilizing the latest advances in health care.

 I knew I wanted to create more engagement & trust on the website.” Wil Seto, CEO InSync

Though the InSync team was optimizing their website in terms of SEO and content, it wasn’t delivering an extra level of engagement on the website yet. Visitors that landed on the website weren’t always finding exactly what they were looking for and would run the risk of becoming missed opportunities. As you can imagine, optimizing the buying journey in the health space is a complex and extremely demanding job and so the InSync team looked for options..

Delivering More Relevant and Personalized Information to Visitors Immediately

In an effort to approach an improvement to the website experience, InSync’s marketing advisors researched potential solutions that would deliver a more direct website user journey, and ultimately create a website user experience. They looked into introducing a lifechat on the website or even bringing a chatbot to the page, but they kept on looking.

Especially in the health space the buyer behavior is undergoing a big shift where trust plays an ever increasing role. So what was InSync’s goal? A website & booking experience that was people-friendly and had the patient’s needs in mind in the first place. The team set out to do exactly what their patients needed – deliver an experience that would drive more relevant information and a personalized experience on the website for easier decision making.

Pathmonk seemed like an interesting choice. Pathmonk’s A.I. extension proactively interacts with an interested website visitor based on the stage of their research journey and guides the visitor to a call with a helpful & qualified receptionist or towards a self-booking experience.The AI extension provides a helpful user experience striking a positive note for InSync’s prospective clients. Now, Insync’s website visitors are engaged in real-time through Pathmonk. The AI technology is figuring out when it’s the best moment to prompt the user to help them to move to the next stage in their decision making.

The Results: More Engagement Leading to 154% More Request

Since going live with the Pathmonk’s AI extension the team was not only able to guide the website visitors to where they need to go in a more direct way but also the team was able to add 154% conversions. With Insync’s significant month-over-month traffic the team generated a significant amount of increased appointments and with that to grow the business.

Pathmonk provides InSync a way to engage prospective customers on the website and allows them to provide an experience to respond in real-time to user actions automatically. It’s giving them the ability to adapt to the changing times and offer our customers options for how they interact with us. When InSync went live with Pathmonk, the extension was implemented with it’s essential setup to help engage visitors and provide an easy way to contact the team. InSync’s marketing advisors realized they had uncovered something interesting that would revolutionize the visitor website experience.

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