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The power of Artificial Intelligence

Immediate results with no extra effort

Expand what you can do​

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lead qualification

Qualify leads

Get the results of your discovery call & deal value directly with the website sign up

No changes to website

Improve your website without changing it. Adding Pathmonk takes less than 5 minutes

automatically qualifies leads

Key data to close more deals

Pathmonk identifies the key insights about your visitors like lead source, lead score, deal value likelihood of buying…

It matches each visitor’s website behaviour patterns with previous clients and crosses this data with the information of your products to obtain accurate and useful information, that allows to identify, convert and prioritise the most interesting leads.

lead qualification tool

Increase lead quality

Pathmonk turns your qualification process into a people friendly experience, from data collection to booking a demo.

With Pathmonk you can deploy your full qualification logic in seconds on your website. So, your sales team won’t get unqualified leads anymore, powering up your sales funnels for both: marketers and SDRs.

lead qualification software

Routing: Fast track hot deals

While performing a lead qualification, Pathmonk can route prospects according to your buyer personas and conversion goals.

Translate your website sales funnel into a smart engine that does all the work for you. It assigns different goals for each persona and gets the right course of action for each of them. If you can draw it, Pathmonk can route it.

automated lead qualification

Identify high value & high intent leads​

Get lead contact information, lead scoring & expected deal value. No more guessing
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Never miss a hot lead​

Immediately route your visitor to the right goal. Valuable leads meet the right sales rep in a matter of seconds
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Shorten the sales process​

Only get the valuable meetings booked in your sales rep's calendar
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Let high value leads
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At Pathmonk,  we know that lead qualification is a very important but also challenging task, where time and resources are often spend on unqualified leads, a lot of theory has been written about sales qualified leads, BANT leads etc.
It’s difficult to strike the balance between long sign up forms and manual lead qualification process to be in touch with the qualified leads.

Pathmonk mission is to create a lead qualification tool that turns your sales lead qualification process into a people friendly experience. Getting you lead scoring, deal values & route your customer to meet the right sales rep in a matter of seconds.