How ZalaSprings used Pathmonk to achieve 90% higher conversions for real-estate requests

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COMPANY: Zala Springs Golf Resort is an outstanding real estate development in Hungary on 160 acres of land. In addition to the 18-hole, internationally renowned quality golf course luxury residential development is also part of the project.

The Investor aimed at the creating the most exclusive golf club and golf village in Hungary.

"I didn’t realize higher conversions can be that simple - I am getting notified about each lead & can quickly see their full profile"
Sonja Gschwendtner
CEO, ZalaSprings

ZalaSprings is the first luxury resort in the West-Balaton region. It was built as an real estate development project in Hungary including a golf course, a five-star hotel, villa park, shops, wellness center, restaurants and luxury residential development. The aim of the investors is to create an exclusive golf club and golf village.

While raising awareness for the real estate development project, the marketing & sales team was looking to update their website & buying experience. They needed to share the investment opportunity that their team had created in a way that would resonate with the potential buyers online. In just a month after choosing Pathmonk, Rebeka Jónás (Real Estate Sales) and Sonja Gschwendtner (Team Lead ZalaSprings) have seen their pipeline continue to grow with higher conversions and  leads directly collected by the AI extension on their website. Simply put they added 90% more requests for their real-estate offering.

Why did ZalaSprings decide to use an AI extension?

So why did the ZalaSprings team decide to choose Pathmonk to modernise their buyer journey and website experience?

For Rebeka and Sonja, the idea of using Pathmonk came from one of their board members to add a tool to the website to increase the engagement, time on the page and eventually the number of requests and higher conversions. The idea was to communicate their sales proposition in the most effective way. The focus was to create a frictionless buying journey with a direct path to conversion but the team wasn’t sure if they should add a chat widget, a chatbot or any other type of solution.

After learning about the concept of an AI extension on their website the team took this route and in just three months after choosing Pathmonk, the Zalsprings team has seen their real-estate pipeline continue to grow with leads directly collected from their AI extension on the website. The team can now look at higher conversions and an increased lead conversion pipeline. The team was able to put a tick behind the question on whether the technology investment pays off easily.

Fast implementation, also for non-technical teams

Working closely with their development agency the team at ZalaSprings got Pathmonk up and running in a few minutes and now have full control over the content that the extension provides. Without having to do any extra work or having to change the website the AI extension took on the design language, colour theme and imagery of the website to really enhance the experience on the website for an improved buying experience.

It didn’t realize it can be that simple – I am getting notified about each lead, can quickly see their full profile including their estimated likelihood to buy and make a quick decisions about the best next step” (Sonja Gschwendtner, CEO)

How the AI extension works on the website

When a person visits the website, Pathmonk’s AI extension understands each of the actions that a user is doing on the website. To provide a personalized buying journey, Pathmonk watches every visitor and each of their clicks, scrolls etc. on the website and analyzes each step they do. Then based on the visitor’s steps, the extension chooses which next piece of information to show to this visitor such as. As a result the user increases the time, the interactions with the page and the conversion increases.This all means the team doesn’t have to focus on improving the extension setup but can put their complete attention to the leads that are coming in. 

Pathmonk’s  intelligent buying journeys find the most direct path to conversion for each visitor and allows conversions on each page where the extension is running. It reduces the number of steps & creates a frictionless buying journey. It decreases the complexity and time needed to complete a conversion, simplifying your digital processes and powering up your website.

The results: Increase in sales pipeline

After implementing Pathmonk, ZalaSprings saw an 90% uplift in the sales pipeline with a 5 minute time investment to get the AI extension live on the website. From here the team was able to fill the sales pipeline with extra efforts and finally reaping the rewards of the marketing efforts that were put in place.

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