Aligning Marketing Objectives with Cost-Effective Strategies & Customer Retention | Interview with Tom Maskill from Webmart

Aligning Marketing Objectives with Cost-Effective Strategies & Customer Retention Interview with Tom Maskill from Webmart


In our increasingly eco-aware society, emphasizing the importance of sustainable marketing has become more critical than ever. Webmart is an award-winning marketing agency that creates unique, integrated campaigns whilst supporting our planet through charitable donations and green initiatives. Tom Maskill, Sales and Sustainability Director discusses their journey over the past 27 years, evolving from print-based services to providing integrated marketing campaigns with a focus on sustainability. He introduces their upcoming launch of ‘Eco Metrics’, a set of carbon calculation tools to measure the environmental impact of marketing campaigns and optimize them for sustainability. They discuss client acquisition methods, emphasizing word-of-mouth and their own marketing efforts. With a global presence that extends beyond the UK into the US and Europe, they’ve managed to establish themselves as leaders in sustainable marketing communications. As Webmart continues to expand, they’ve placed a strong focus on customer retention, leveraging word-of-mouth and a renewed emphasis on their own marketing efforts. Tom stresses the importance of a compelling website in converting visitors into clients and shares insights on aligning marketing objectives with cost-effective strategies. By fostering long-term relationships and addressing the pressing need for sustainable marketing, Webmart has positioned itself as a front-runner in a rapidly evolving industry.

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