Balancing Aesthetics and Information to Increase Conversions | Interview with Jen Kintzler from POWR

Balancing Aesthetics and Information to Increase Conversions Interview with Jen Kintzler from POWR


Harnessing the power of stunning website apps to drive conversions is an art that can transform your digital presence. POWR gives you that power with their leading suite of affordable, easy-to-use, customizable website apps designed to help businesses of all sizes grow online. Jen Kintzler, Head Of Customer Experience discusses how their platform helps small businesses grow online by empowering them to control their own websites without the need for IT expertise. POWR targets a wide range of businesses, from sales and marketing professionals to web designers and agencies. They acquire customers through app marketplaces like Shopify and Wix and emphasize the importance of constant testing and adaptation in marketing strategies. Jen also talks about the role of their website, which serves as both the end and the beginning of the customer journey depending on the acquisition channel. She highlights the challenge of balancing aesthetics and information on their website and mentions their new product, POWR One, which integrates various website apps seamlessly. Jen touches on the evolving landscape of cookies and how POWR assists small businesses in understanding and complying with these changes.

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