Balancing Enterprise Sales, Product-Led Growth, and Enhancing the User Experience | Interview with Sabine Klisch from MOSTLY AI

Balancing Enterprise Sales, Product-Led Growth, and Enhancing the User Experience Interview with Sabine Klisch from MOSTLY AI


As our users demand privacy we have to embrace new ways of leveraging data. With synthetic data, organizations can reduce the risk of exposing sensitive information, comply with data protection regulations, and maintain privacy. Sabine Klisch, VP of Global Marketing, joins us to dive into the work at MOSTLY AI, a pioneering leader in the creation of structured synthetic data using Generative AI. MOSTLY AI offers a platform that generates AI-driven synthetic data, which retains the patterns and correlations of the original data while ensuring privacy protection. Sabina emphasizes the importance of the company’s website as a key tool in their marketing strategy. The website serves as a primary channel for customer acquisition and engagement, offering strong content, ebooks, videos, and other resources. Sabina acknowledges the challenge of balancing both enterprise sales-led and product-led growth approaches, and she mentions that they are currently working on the next version of their homepage to improve the user experience and cater to different target audiences. As the VP of Marketing, Sabina is focused on optimizing the website, exploring new channels for customer outreach, and leveraging gated content and video elements to drive conversions and communicate effectively with various personas. She also emphasizes the value of podcasts, LinkedIn, networking, and speaking with peers from different countries as important resources for staying on top of marketing trends and learning in the field.

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