Balancing Information and Simplicity: Keeping Prospects Informed Without Overwhelming Them | Interview with Cassie Layton from EV Connect

Balancing Information & Simplicity Keeping Prospects Informed Without Overwhelming Them Interview with Cassie Layton from EV Connect


We all secretly want an electric car. We see fellow humans driving around in style while doing something better for the environment. But, it seems we fear the charging element of electric vehicles. ‘I like driving long distances, how will it all work?’ The VP of Marketing at EV Connect, Cassie Layton tells us how. EV Connect simplifies the setup, management, and optimization of charging stations for electric vehicles (EVs) while offering quality customer service and guiding companies of all sizes in managing networks of chargers. Cassie helps us understand how they serve a variety of organizations such as utilities, multifamily properties, hotels, retail locations, and businesses that want to help their employees or customers charge their EVs. As many of the businesses they serve are in the early stages of learning about EV charging, SEO and their website plays a critical role in client acquisition and education. Their website is content-rich, guaranteeing prospects feel confident, educated, and supported. Cassie is eager to optimize the user experience further by ensuring prospects find the right information quickly and at the right time. Cassie dives into balancing information and simplicity, reminding us to strike the right balance between providing enough information to give confidence to our prospects without overwhelming them.

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