A Brand Refresh Journey: Humanizing and Simplifying Messaging | Interview with Jennifer Durishin from Prodigal

A Brand Refresh Journey Humanizing and Simplifying Messaging Interview with Jennifer Durishin from Prodigal


Artificial intelligence combined with human intelligence means efficiency, simplification, and productivity. Prodigal is a B2B SaaS company that focuses on bringing artificial intelligence to the financial services equation. Jennifer Durishin, Head of Marketing, helps us understand the three software products that they deliver to buyers in the consumer finance industry to make every agent a top performer, get more done with fewer people, and cut complaints and compliance risk. In an industry that is highly regulated, Jennifer helps us understand their growth channels. Although most business is conducted over the phone Jennifer and the team are eager to leverage events and ABM (account-based marketing) to acquire customers. The website is seen as valuable real estate and Prodigal is currently undergoing a brand refresh to simplify and humanize messaging. The goal is to engage potential customers and help them understand what the company does and why they should care.

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