Building Bridges in the Gaming Industry: Connecting Brands & Gamers with Content | Iryna Chuhai from WePlay Studio

Building Bridges in the Gaming Industry: Connecting Brands & Gamers with Content | Iryna Chuhai from WePlay Studio


In this episode, we bridge the gap with Iryna Chuhai, CMO of WePlay Studios. WePlay Studios isn’t just a content producer; they’re architects of experiences. Iryna dives deep into how they craft engaging content that resonates with gamers, while simultaneously achieving marketing goals for brands.  Discover how WePlay Studios acts as a bridge, fostering partnerships between influencers and creators, and the brands seeking to reach this valuable audience. 

Learn data-driven content marketing strategies specifically designed for gamers, and how WePlay Studios empowers creators to bring their dream projects to life.

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Iryna Chuhai: I’m happy to be here. Thank you for inviting me.

Ernesto: It’s great to have you. Our listeners are eager to know, what is WePlay Studio all about?

Iryna Chuhai: WePlay Studio is a content production company formerly known as WePlay Esports. We’ve hosted numerous esports events across games like Dota 2, Counter-Strike, and Valorant. Following a rebrand to WePlay Studio, we shifted our focus to casual gaming and entertainment, emphasizing creator-driven content. Our new arena in Los Angeles supports this vision by providing a space for filming shows. We aim to be like Disney for content creators, helping bring their dream projects to life with advanced technology like virtual and augmented reality.

Ernesto: That’s fascinating. What key problem do you solve for your clients?

Iryna Chuhai: We primarily serve the gaming industry by addressing their video content marketing needs. When a game developer launches a new game, they often require a campaign that utilizes influencer marketing. We help by creating shows from scratch, inviting influencers, and collaborating with content creators to ensure the game launches successfully. For example, for the game Genshin Impact, we created a show where popular content creators cooked dishes from the game, judged by a panel including professional chefs and gamers.

Ernesto: How can people find out more about WePlay Studios?

Iryna Chuhai: Our work speaks for itself and can be seen as we are often the official production partner on projects. People can find us through our broadcasts, social media, PR, and media coverage. We strive not to be just a faceless production company but to create iconic content that stands out. For more details, visit

Ernesto: Does your website play a role in client acquisition?

Iryna Chuhai: Yes, our website serves as the face of our company. It showcases our cases, partnerships, and what we stand for. While our primary acquisition channels are content marketing and networking, the website acts as a crucial landing page.

Ernesto: What marketing strategies would you recommend?

Iryna Chuhai: I recommend using content marketing and video content marketing. Engaging content that allows the audience to create around your brand is crucial. Brands that enable their audience to be part of the creator economy tend to be more valued by younger generations.

Ernesto: As CMO, what are your key daily tasks?

Iryna Chuhai: My role involves focusing on B2B relationships, media, and technical partnerships, and client interactions, while my team handles content delivery and engagement. We operate based on trust and ownership, knowing that my team can handle challenges and deliver solutions effectively.

Ernesto: How do you stay informed on marketing trends?

Iryna Chuhai: I regularly read Harvard Business Review for management insights and enjoy TechCrunch for IT and startup news. I also stay engaged with the marketing community through podcasts and professional events.

Ernesto: Before we close, if there’s one thing listeners should remember about WePlay Studios, what would it be?

Iryna Chuhai: Choose the content you produce and consume wisely. If it doesn’t make you happy, then why watch it?

Ernesto: Thank you, Iryna, for sharing your insights today. To our listeners, check out to see WePlay Studios in action. We look forward to our next episode at Pathmonk Presents. Thanks, Iryna.

Iryna Chuhai: Thank you.