Building a Customer-Led Marketing Strategy for Sustainable Growth | Interview with Riemy Wan from FixFflo


Things break and we all need a little fixing sometimes. So it’s solutions like Fixflo that ensure repairs and maintenance are reported and completed. Fixflo is a leading property maintenance management software provider that makes repair reporting, planned maintenance, and contractor management more efficient and less costly. Senior Growth Manager, Riemy Wan dives into who benefits the most from the company’s services, and its key client acquisition channels. The team leverages inbound marketing channels that align with their values and focuses on compliance, customer satisfaction, and effective operations. Fixflo’s website plays a crucial role as a launch pad to display information that supports the messaging throughout the funnel. The company is customer-led and emphasizes the importance of listening to customers. Riemy emphasizes the importance of keeping these three key value propositions in mind when creating content and inbound channels: helping people manage a complex and time-consuming process, navigating compliance standards, and exceeding customer expectations.

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