Building a Value-First Website for Meaningful Contributions and Lasting Impact | Interview with Irit Eizips from CSM Practice

Building a Value-First Website for Meaningful Contributions and Lasting Impact Interview with Irit Eizips from CSM Practice


The significance of customer success and delivering exceptional customer value has become more critical than ever. CSM Practice empowers B2B companies by offering a highly effective and scalable customer success strategy. Irit Eizips, Chief Customer Officer & CEO and world-renowned expert in customer success strategies joins us to discuss CSM Practice’s pivotal role in shaping customer success approaches since 2013, primarily for technology and software companies. CSM Practice’s client acquisition is largely driven by content. Irit shares trends and innovative customer strategies on her YouTube channel, blogs, and podcast episodes. A veteran public speaker, Irit is often featured as a guest speaker at leading industry events and has also been featured in dozens of podcasts and webinars. Their website serves as a comprehensive hub of invaluable insights and resources that resonate with the customer success community’s needs. It plays a crucial role in aligning with CSM Practice’s core principle of offering substantial value. Through structured content like blogs, templates, and infographics, the website not only educates and empowers companies to optimize their customer success strategies but also underscores the ethos of prioritizing what can be given to the community and clients. This commitment to delivering a value-first website not only establishes CSM Practice as a reliable industry leader but also reflects the broader philosophy that fostering success and enriching relationships hinges on the continuous provision of meaningful contributions.

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