Client Success: Prioritizing Lifetime Value Over Revenue Generation | Interview with Chelsea Casper from Decile

Client Success Prioritizing Lifetime Value over Revenue Generation Interview with Chelsea Casper from Decile


First-party data plays a crucial role in marketing as it provides valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing you to create targeted and personalized marketing campaigns that drive customer loyalty and increase revenue. So how can you leverage it? With platforms like Decile. Decile helps businesses grow profitably by leveraging their first-party data. Senior Client Success and Marketing Strategy Manager, Chelsea Casper joins us to dive into how they democratize access to data across the organization, focusing on driving lifetime value rather than just revenue generation. The team benefits from a strong referral network from existing clients who are well-connected in the industry. Decile also publishes thought leadership content and hosts webinars, providing valuable insights on industry changes and essential aspects for marketers. The website plays a crucial role in communicating Decile’s value proposition quickly and effectively to potential clients, highlighting who would benefit from its platform and showcasing examples of its user interface. Listen in to learn more about Chelsea’s role in client success and marketing strategy.

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