Content Marketing Secrets for Lawyers: Scaling Your Immigration Practice | Andres Mejer from Andres Mejer Law

Content Marketing Secrets for Lawyers: Scaling Your Immigration Practice | Andres Mejer from Andres Mejer Law


Struggling to attract new clients for your law firm? In this episode, Andres Mejer, founder of Andres Mejer Law Immigration Attorneys, reveals his content marketing secrets. Discover how he leveraged YouTube and other content strategies to build a thriving immigration practice with a national reach. Learn how you can create valuable resources that educate potential clients, establish yourself as a trusted authority, and ultimately convert leads into paying clients.

Whether you specialize in immigration law or another legal field, this episode is packed with actionable tips and insights to help you attract more clients and grow your practice.

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Ernesto: Welcome to today’s episode of Pathmonk Presents. Pathmonk is an intelligent tool for website lead generation, helping businesses convert website visitors by analyzing their buying journey and providing targeted experiences like case studies and intro videos. Today, we’re joined by Andrew from Andrew Mejer Law, a firm specializing in immigration law. How are you today, Andrew?

Andrew Mejer: Thank you for having me, Ernesto. I’m excited to discuss our work with your audience.

Ernesto: Can you tell us more about the services at Andrew Mejer Law?

Andrew Mejer: Certainly. As an immigration attorney with nearly 20 years of experience, our firm focuses on helping immigrants achieve legal status in the U.S. I’m particularly passionate about this as I’ve personally navigated the immigration process, having been born in Santiago, Chile and lived in multiple countries.

Ernesto: What key problem does your firm solve for clients?

Andrew Mejer: Many of our clients have been in the U.S. for over seven years and seek legal status. Despite common misconceptions, our work isn’t just a response to current events; the need has been consistent due to the millions of undocumented individuals here. A significant portion of these individuals qualify for legal status but are unaware of their options. We aim to educate and guide them through the legal paths available.

Ernesto: How do clients typically find out about your services?

Andrew Mejer: Our main channels are our website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. We’ve found that providing educational content through these platforms not only helps inform potential clients but also builds trust and authority in our field.

Ernesto: It sounds like your YouTube channel has become a significant tool for outreach?

Andrew Mejer: Yes, it has. We initially used YouTube just to store videos but didn’t realize its potential as a lead generation tool until our videos began gaining traction. This led us to double down on producing regular content, which has been effective in both attracting clients and educating the public.

Ernesto: With content in both English and Spanish, how do you address the different needs of your audience?

Andrew Mejer: We recognized that our English-speaking and Spanish-speaking audiences have different concerns and needs, even though they’re both interested in immigration services. For instance, many Spanish-speaking clients are already in the U.S. and seeking to adjust their status, while English-speaking clients often include individuals from the Caribbean, Africa, and India who may be looking for employment-based visas or student visas.

Ernesto: How important is your website in attracting new clients?

Andrew Mejer: Our website is crucial. It not only hosts our video content but also features blogs and podcasts derived from that content. This multi-faceted approach helps us cater to various preferences, whether people prefer to read, watch, or listen.

Ernesto: What strategies do you use to convert leads into clients?

Andrew Mejer: We focus heavily on lead conversion rather than just lead generation. We believe in having a thorough qualification process through phone or text conversations to determine if we can assist someone. If not, we still provide them with information that might help them in their journey. This upfront effort ensures that we’re engaging with well-informed clients.

Ernesto: Lastly, if our listeners should remember one thing about Andrew Mejer Law, what would it be?

Andrew Mejer: Our firm is dedicated to helping immigrants achieve legal status. We are passionate about educating our clients and the public, providing extensive free resources like podcasts, blog articles, and books to ensure they are well-informed.

Ernesto: Thank you, Andrew, for sharing your insights. Listeners, you can learn more by visiting or tuning into their YouTube channel, El Green Card Abogado.