Diversifying Customer Acquisition: Harnessing Networks, Referrals, and Events | Interview with Sandra Polak from Betts

Diversifying Customer Acquisition Harnessing Networks, Referrals, and Events Interview with Sandra Polak from Betts


In today’s fast-paced business landscape, “Hire Smarter & Scale Faster” has become a critical key to success for organizations of all sizes. Betts is the leading Recruit-Tech firm with a mission of helping their partners scale their sales, marketing, and customer success teams. Sandra Polak, Director of Marketing discusses their offerings of both traditional recruitment services for strategic and executive roles and a SaaS platform called Connect for more junior go-to-market positions, all for an annual fee instead of a per-hire model. They work with a range of tech organizations, from startups to large enterprises, depending on the hiring needs. Betts employs a multifaceted customer acquisition strategy that leverages their extensive network, word-of-mouth referrals, content marketing, and strategic events. Their founder’s exceptional networking skills and reputation play a significant role in drawing new clients and candidates to their services. By providing valuable content, they establish themselves as thought leaders in the industry and attract a diverse range of visitors to their website. This website serves as a vital touchpoint, offering informative content that caters to both employers and candidates, ensuring that all visitors feel valued. Additionally, Betts actively engages in various events, including virtual webinars, and in-person networking gatherings creating opportunities to connect with potential clients and candidates.

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