Driving Business Growth by Crafting Tailored Experiences for Diverse Personas | Interview with Derek Rahn from LeadGenius

Driving Business Growth by Crafting Tailored Experiences for Diverse Personas Interview with Derek Rahn from LeadGenius


In the realm of B2B data, the power of personalization unlocks a world of untapped potential. LeadGenius is an Intelligent Data Service vendor that can uncover hard-to-find B2B data and personalize it to a specific business. Derek Rahn, the VP of Demand Generation discusses the company’s focus on providing bespoke data to sales and marketing teams for enhanced personalization, segmentation, and campaign efficiency. He emphasizes their role in offering precision data for industry-specific, geographic-specific, and marketeer-specific insights, filling the gaps that big pre-built data providers cannot address. LeadGenius serves a diverse client base, including healthcare, SaaS, and restaurant-related businesses, targeting mature enterprises looking for customized data solutions. Derek also talks about the strengths of LeadGenius’s website, which focuses on educating visitors and creating a clear customer journey. He highlights the company’s commitment to serving tailored experiences to different personas. In his role as VP of Demand Generation, Derek manages various aspects, from marketing and content to overseeing the SDR team and product feedback. He shares insights on the importance of versatility and adaptability in leadership, empowering team members, and being selective about priorities while maintaining a balance between guidance and discipline when needed.

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