Elevating the User Journey Through an Intuitive Website & Refined Content | Interview with Becky Thal from Sumdog

Elevating the User Journey Through an Intuitive Website & Refined Content Interview with Becky Thal from Sumdog


Personalized learning has the remarkable ability to transform education by tailoring the learning experience to the unique needs and strengths of each individual student. Sumdog makes that a reality with their personalized maths and spelling practice and tests. Becky Thal, Regional Growth Manager discusses the company’s online learning platform designed to engage K-8 students, particularly those struggling with learning. Sumdog’s game-based and adaptive platform boosts students’ confidence, especially in math, through competitions and rewards, fostering a sense of community. The company focuses on narrowing achievement gaps and serves districts with low math test scores and high English Language Learner (ELL) populations. The company’s client acquisition involves referrals, organic and paid searches, and existing customer bases. Sumdog recently revamped to a more intuitive website for better navigation and design, with ongoing efforts to refine content and optimize organic traffic; serving as the gateway through which students, educators, and stakeholders access a tailored and enriching educational journey. Becky’s dedication to understanding user feedback, including that of students, drives Sumdog’s mission to create a positive impact on education.

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