Elevating Website Efficiency & User Experience for Seamless Lead Capture | Interview with Daniela Puzzo from Fonolo

Elevating Website Efficiency & User Experience for Seamless Lead Capture Interview with Daniela Puzzo from Fonolo


Do you know what’s annoying? Do you know what wastes time? Sitting on hold, waiting for someone to answer. Fonolo is improving the way call centers interact with their customers by seamlessly replacing hold time with a call-back. Daniela Puzzo, Vice President of Marketing discusses their innovative cloud-based callback solutions for call centers. Fonolo’s products replace hold times with callbacks, enhancing customer interaction and reducing abandonment rates. The company’s cloud-based solution is technology-agnostic, quick to implement, and cost-effective. Their clients, primarily from industries like finance, insurance, retail, healthcare, and travel, benefit from improved customer experience and efficient call center management. Daniela highlights the pivotal role of their website as a cornerstone of their marketing strategy. They prioritize user experience, content relevance, intuitive navigation, and efficient lead capture through a recently implemented chatbot. This aligns with their goal of swiftly addressing potential friction points and maintaining visitor engagement. Daniela further dives into their proactive approach to demand generation, with a dynamic team encompassing content marketers, designers, growth marketers, and developers. This multifaceted team collaborates to continually optimize campaigns, target niche audiences, and enhance the customer journey.

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