Engaging & Informing Audiences Through Value-Driven Content | Interview with Paula Savonen from Kempower

Engaging & Informing Audiences Through Value-Driven Content Interview with Paula Savonen from Kempower


In the era of sustainable innovation, the electric movement is reshaping our world, one charge at a time. Kempower is a Finnish growth company specializing in electric vehicle chargers and charging technology. Paula Savonen, Vice President of Communications, discusses the company’s rapid growth, attributing it to their user-friendly and reliable chargers. Paula dives into their client acquisition strategies, which encompass digital marketing, social media, targeted LinkedIn campaigns, influencer partnerships, and events. She emphasizes the importance of fostering a community through social media. Kempower’s website serves as the central hub of their B2B operations. It effectively reflects their identity and core values while striving to connect with potential customers. By consistently generating and sharing value-driven content that addresses customer pain points, the website doesn’t just inform but actively engages its audience. Offering a low-barrier contact approach, it fosters direct communication channels. As a technology company, Kempower seeks a balance between highlighting their technology and engaging with the human aspect of their audience.

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