Extending Your Reach and Driving Innovation Through Crowdsourcing | Interview with Kal K. Sahota from HeroX

Extending Your Reach and Driving Innovation Through Crowdsourcing Interview with Kal Sahota from Hero


We all have an amazing opportunity to learn from each other. To push ourselves to do more and continue to grow. And it should be something more companies embrace. Crowdsourcing is a, not yet, fully untapped opportunity to access new ideas and solutions, drive deeper consumer involvement, co-create products, and services, reduce costs, and improve product quality. HeroX is a crowdsourcing platform with a global network of over 2 million problem solvers to help organizations solve any challenge in any field by using the power of their crowd combined with a turn-key, easy-to-use platform. President and Chief Executive Officer at HeroX, Kal K. Sahota gives us a deeper insight into the solution they provide, who they serve best, and most importantly how they’re thinking about their own growth and outreach.

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