Fostering Collaboration and Empowering Education: Website as an Interactive Hub | Interview with Peter Lannon from Packback

Fostering Collaboration and Empowering Education Website as an Interactive Hub Interview with Peter Lannon from Packback


In the realm of education, unlocking students’ fearless curiosity and harnessing the potential of AI has become a powerful endeavor. Packback is helping students unlock their fearless curiosity through AI-powered online discussion. Peter Lannon, Senior Marketing Manager discusses Packback’s role as an AI-driven ed-tech company. They emphasize their focus on teaching students how to improve their writing and thinking skills using instructional AI, in contrast to generative AI. Peter highlights the benefits for both students and teachers, such as increased engagement and reduced grading time. He also mentions how Packback reaches its audience through webinars, social media, strategic partnerships, and email marketing. Their website is a pivotal resource for educators and students, serving as an informative hub for AI-powered education. It showcases their flagship products, offers interactive demonstrations, and presents testimonials and case studies to illustrate their impact. The website provides a wealth of educational resources, including blog posts and whitepapers, to keep the audience informed. Additionally, it features news updates, contact options, and community engagement tools, fostering collaboration and support within the educational community. As the sole marketing person at the company, Peter describes his diverse day-to-day tasks and shares his strategies for staying updated in the ever-evolving field of marketing.

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