Harmonizing Outbound Strategies: The Power of Sales and Marketing Collaboration | Interview with Bill Cooper from Justt

Harmonizing Outbound Strategies The Power of Sales and Marketing Collaboration Interview with Bill Cooper from Justt


Imagine you’re running a thriving e-commerce business, and suddenly, you find yourself facing a barrage of chargeback disputes from dissatisfied customers. How do you handle it? Justt increases your win rates with AI and automatically defends your chargebacks. Bill Cooper, Global Vice President, Commercial Growth gives us more insight, explaining that chargebacks occur when consumers dispute a credit card transaction with a merchant due to various reasons. Justt helps merchants navigate and resolve these disputes efficiently using AI and data-driven methods. The company serves a diverse range of industries beyond finance and technology, including travel, gaming, food delivery, and more. Justt’s growth strategy encompasses a multi-faceted approach to client acquisition. They use both outbound and inbound channels to reach potential customers effectively. Their outbound efforts are spearheaded by a dedicated sales team working in tandem with marketing to ensure a cohesive approach. They actively participate in industry trade shows, speak at events and webinars, and engage with prospects on platforms like LinkedIn. The company also leverages educational content on their website to establish themselves as trusted thought leaders in chargeback mitigation. By offering resources like articles and videos that explain complex concepts, they not only attract inbound leads but also empower businesses to make informed decisions about chargebacks.

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