Unlocking Local Markets: Harnessing Referral Platforms for Customer Reach | Interview with Martin Young from Pure Maintenance UK

Unlocking Local Markets Harnessing Referral Platforms for Customer Reach Interview with Martin Young from Pure Maintenance UK


Your home should be your cleanest and safest space, where you take control of your environment and well-being. Pure Maintenance UK has a revolutionary Dry Fog System that kills all viruses, bacteria, mold, and odors in your home or workplace. Martin Young, Head Of Marketing discusses the company’s rapid growth since its founding in 2020, emphasizing the health risks associated with mold in homes and the unique patented technology they use to eradicate mold. Their growth strategy encompasses a multifaceted approach, primarily leveraging digital marketing channels such as Google ads and SEO, enabling them to quickly connect with individuals seeking mold remediation services. In addition to online advertising, they’ve integrated with referral platforms like Check a Trade and Trust the Trader, to tap into local markets and reach potential customers. A crucial driver of their growth has been the power of word-of-mouth referrals, particularly from satisfied clients and functional wellness practitioners. Their website serves as a pivotal tool for educating and persuading potential clients, allowing them to transition from initial interest to the conviction that Pure Maintenance UK is the right solution.

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