How to Enable Efficient & Seamless Out-of-Home Advertising | Interview with Bridgette Tharp from AdQuick

How to Enable Efficient & Seamless Out-of-Home Advertising Interview with Bridgette Tharp from AdQuick


We’re so used to seeing billboards, adverts, and posters around us. As we drive around cities, take public transport, sit on street furniture, and visit public spaces we wouldn’t know a world without them. But what goes into creating, producing, and driving the success of out-of-home advertising? It’s solutions like AdQuick that make it all a reality. AdQuick is a platform where you’re able to build, manage, and measure your out-of-home advertising. They make it easy by providing a map-based UI and the ability to connect to digital advertising platforms too. So while they help marketers and advertisers reach their audience how does AdQuick reach theirs? Bridgette Tharp, Senior Marketing Manager, gives us more insight. All roads lead to their website, so Bridgette and the team are constantly optimizing each page and each call to action, while the advertiser growth team finds unique ways to talk to and learn from the marketers they serve. Bridgette and the team are working to strike the balance between a product-driven website and an emotionally-driven website. 

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