How To Successfully Make Your Mark As a Brand | Interview with Alex Wells from Imprint Digital

How To Successfully Make Your Mark As a Brand Interview with Alex Wells from Imprint Digital


We’d all love to leave our mark. Leave our little touch, our imprint if you will. And Imprint Digital is helping us do just that. Imprint Digital is a digital marketing solutions provider that helps businesses face the challenges of growth and make their mark as a brand. While doing this the Imprint Digital team ensures they keep collaboration, family, and entrepreneurship at the heart of everything. Alex Wells, CEO, and co-founder joins us to discuss the inception of Imprint Digital, the customers they serve best, and the work they do to remain empathetic and impactful. Alex emphasizes that they can provide expertise as well as a team to save money at a time when it’s most important. He recommends Matt Shoup’s book “Becoming an Award-Winning Company” for those wanting to get traction without investing large amounts of money into advertising. His advice for himself or anyone starting out is to remain calm and confident about success despite uncertainty.

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