Human Touch Meets High Tech: How to Balances Automation with Customer Focus | Kate Mitchell from

Human Touch Meets High Tech: How to Balances Automation with Customer Focus | Kate Mitchell from


We chat with Kate Mitchell, Head of Marketing at, who believes the human touch is still crucial. Discover how strikes a balance between leveraging technology and prioritizing customer focus.  Kate shares insights on how they use AI to enhance efficiency while keeping the customer journey at the forefront. Learn valuable strategies for creating a customer-centric approach, even in a tech-driven world.  This episode offers practical advice for businesses of all sizes who want to maintain a personal touch while embracing the benefits of automation.

Discover how personalizes its marketing efforts and builds strong relationships with its clients. 

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Today, we’re joined by Kate Mitchell from, Head of Marketing. How are you today, Kate?

Kate Mitchell: I’m doing fabulous. Thank you for having me.

Ernesto: It’s great to have you with us. Our listeners are eager to learn about Can you tell us more about it?

Kate Mitchell: Absolutely. is a seasoned IT management company based in Canada, operational for over 20 years. We specialize in managed services and are focusing significantly on cybersecurity this year, which is crucial given the frequent security breaches happening globally.

Ernesto: With cybersecurity becoming increasingly important, how does address the challenges its clients face?

Kate Mitchell: Our main clientele are mid-sized companies that may not have the budget for a dedicated cybersecurity team or whose IT teams are overwhelmed with basic tasks like managing hardware or resetting passwords. acts as an extension of their IT department, providing robust cybersecurity support and cloud solutions, making IT support as easy as pressing the F12 key.

Ernesto: Who benefits most from your services?

Kate Mitchell: We primarily serve mid-market companies with 50 to 500 employees across various sectors except large government entities. Our services are ideal for industries with heavy compliance requirements, such as healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

Ernesto: How do potential clients typically find out about

Kate Mitchell: This year, LinkedIn has been a goldmine for us, complemented by Sixth Sense for intent data, helping our sales team target potential clients effectively. It’s a robust strategy that combines advanced data analytics with proactive social media engagement.

Ernesto: As evolves, how is the website being utilized for client acquisition?

Kate Mitchell: Our website is undergoing a significant overhaul to better represent our brand and services, set to relaunch in July. It’s integrated with HubSpot, enhancing our SEO efforts and linking our content marketing strategies directly to client acquisition.

Ernesto: Any advice on using websites for lead generation?

Kate Mitchell: Content is king. Maintain a dynamic content strategy that engages your audience with relevant information. Ensure your SEO practices are robust, and consider leveraging AI to enhance your content’s effectiveness without losing your brand’s unique voice.

Ernesto: As a leader, what are your daily priorities?

Kate Mitchell: My day usually starts with HubSpot, managing lead assignments and prospecting new clients using tools like Sixth Sense and Seamless AI. I also focus on staying current by reading industry news and ensuring our marketing content is fresh and engaging.

Ernesto: Lastly, if our listeners should remember one thing about, what would it be?

Kate Mitchell: is more than just an IT services provider; we are a partner in cybersecurity, dedicated to keeping your operations safe and efficient with cutting-edge solutions.

Ernesto: Thank you, Kate, for sharing your insights today. Listeners can learn more by visiting Thank you for joining us on Pathmonk Presents.

Kate Mitchell: Thank you for having me!