Importance of a Unified Website Experience in Acquiring New Customers | Interview with Jack Casady from YourStake

rview with Jack Casady from YourStake


You want any customer journey to be value-based and personalized. YourStake is on a mission to make values-aligned investing personalized, explainable, and transparent. Jack Casady, Director of Marketing proudly reveals that YourStake has been lucky to win the T3 Advisor software survey for three years in a row, and its average rating is number one above the likes of Morningstar, ESG, Refinitiv, and Fidelity ESG pro. Jack talks about how they are a nimble startup, so they use a variety of marketing channels, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, to put out interesting content, research, insights, and stories about the team. Additionally, they have marketing partnerships and leverage their relationships with clients to spread the word. Finally, as is traditional in the fintech space, conferences are forever king, and YourStake takes a lot of time to get their sales team and founders out to key conferences to spread the story. Their website is significant in acquiring new clients and customers. Jack acknowledges that websites are important for funneling traffic in, but what the potential clients do next is the hardest piece. After a rebuilding exercise to create a unified website experience with many different areas of entry and paths for customers to follow, they saw significant growth, highlighting the importance of taking the time to optimize a website.

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