Law Firm Growth: How to Use Client Service to Win Business | John Eix from Crowe and Dunleavy

Law Firm Growth: How to Use Client Service to Win Business | John Eix from Crowe and Dunleavy


In this episode, we explore the winning formula behind Crowe & Dunleavy’s success. John Eix, Director of Marketing and Business Development, dives deep into their unique approach to client acquisition. Forget cold calling – Crowe & Dunleavy prioritizes building strong client relationships and acting as a trusted advisor. Discover how they leverage exceptional client service to not only win new business but also cultivate long-term partnerships. Learn valuable strategies you can implement in your own law firm to turn satisfied clients into loyal brand advocates.

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Ernesto: Welcome to today’s episode of Pathmonk Presents. Pathmonk is an intelligent tool for website lead generation. With the increasing online competition, over 98 percent of website visitors don’t convert. Pathmonk helps qualify and convert leads on your website by identifying where they are in the buying journey and engaging them with relevant micro experiences like case studies and intro videos. Enhance your visitor engagement and increase conversions by 50%. Add Pathmonk to your website in seconds, let the AI handle the work, and gain 50% more qualified leads while continuing your marketing and sales activities. Visit us at Today, we’re joined by John Eix from Crowe and Dunleavy, Director of Marketing and Business Development. How are you today, John?

John Eix: I’m great, Ernesto. Thanks for having me.

Ernesto: It’s great to connect with you. Let’s dive into what the listeners are here for. In your own words, can you tell us a bit more about your firm?

John Eix: Crowe Dunleavy is a corporate law firm based in Oklahoma City, operational for over 120 years, which makes us older than the statehood of Oklahoma. We have four offices and 130 attorneys across Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Dallas, and Houston.

Ernesto: That’s a significant legacy. Can you share some of the key problems or cases your firm specializes in solving?

John Eix: We’re primarily focused on litigation and labor and employment law, but our industry focus is mainly in healthcare, financial services, and energy and environmental sectors. These industries are pivotal to the local economies in the states we operate.

Ernesto: What are your primary Ideal Customer Profiles (ICPs)?

John Eix: In addition to the sectors mentioned, we have a robust aviation practice, a sector significant in Oklahoma due to the FAA’s presence. We deal extensively with matters related to buying and selling aircraft and the associated tax issues.

Ernesto: How do potential clients typically find out about Crowe and Dunleavy?

John Eix: Our approach is rooted in the values our clients associate with us: trust, authenticity, collaboration, and comprehensive legal services. We capitalize on word-of-mouth and referrals from satisfied clients and leverage our reputation built over 120 years. This organic growth through existing client relationships and referrals is significant for us.

Ernesto: What role does your website play in client acquisition?

John Eix: The website serves as a critical tool for both client development and recruitment. It allows potential clients and recruits to understand our practices and the ethos of our attorneys. It’s essential for showcasing our capabilities and breadth of services.

Ernesto: Any tips on using the website for lead generation?

John Eix: Testimonials are very powerful—either through video or quotes on your site from respected figures within the industry. It’s about creating content that resonates and establishes credibility.

Ernesto: As a leader, what are some of your daily focuses?

John Eix: My day-to-day involves creating awareness about our services, ensuring internal collaboration across practice areas, and using direct communication channels to reach target audiences effectively. Initiatives like ‘Women in Banking Fintech and Finance’ and ‘In House Oklahoma’ provide platforms for discussion and relationship building, which are crucial for our growth.

Ernesto: How do you stay informed with new marketing strategies?

John Eix: I utilize resources like Marketing Profs and Pragmatic Marketing, and I believe in continuous learning through reading and engaging with content like Ted Talks to broaden my perspective.

Ernesto: Before we close, what should people remember about Crowe and Dunleavy?

John Eix: Crowe and Dunleavy isn’t just a law firm; we’re business advisors committed to fostering client success through our comprehensive and consultative legal services.

Ernesto: Thank you, John, for sharing your insights today. Listeners can learn more by visiting Thank you for joining us on Pathmonk Presents.

John Eix: Thank you, Ernesto. It’s been a pleasure.