Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Brand Building and Meaningful Engagement | Interview with Veronica Chizh from Symfa

Effective Lead Generation Strategies for Brand Building and Meaningful Engagement Interview with Veronica Chizh from Symfa


In order to remain competitive in the overloaded digital landscape businesses seek to modernize and scale. Veronica Chizh, Senior Copywriter and Digital Marketer discusses Symfa‘s specialization in custom software development and product development, specifically for insurtech, fintech, and healthcare industries. Veronica emphasizes three major channels through which Symfa acquires clients, each playing a vital role in their client acquisition strategy. The first channel is LinkedIn, where face-to-face communication takes precedence in building relationships and generating high-quality leads. Symfa has dedicated a specialized lead generation unit to engage in meaningful interactions on the platform, facilitating direct communication with potential clients. The second channel is their website, which serves as a conventional yet essential tool for attracting and engaging prospects. Aware of the intense competition for online attention, Symfa recognizes the need to create compelling content to captivate visitors and distinguish themselves from other companies. Lastly, Veronica highlights the significance of references as a lead generation channel. Satisfied clients who refer Symfa to their business associates and friends become invaluable ambassadors, endorsing the company’s expertise and fostering trust among potential clients. These channels play distinct roles in collectively contributing to Symfa’s success in expanding its client base and establishing itself as a trusted provider.

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