Mastering SEO Growth To Support the B2B Buying Journey | Interview with Hannah Marsh from HomeViews

Mastering SEO Growth To Support the B2B Buying Journey Interview with Hannah Marsh from HomeViews


Buying a house is no simple or easy decision in our journey of life. With this high-ticket value, we have to truly believe we’re making the right choice. But how can you guarantee that? We often spend time scouting reviews before we make purchases or bookings to ensure that guarantee. But what do you do for your future home? Co-founder and chief partnership officer at HomeViews, Hannah Marsh, dives into how they’re changing that. HomeViews is dedicated to residential reviews. They invite owners and tenants living in newbuild developments to review the landlord, the building, the developer, the build quality, and what it’s like to live there. Hannah and the team invest in SEO growth, creating unique content for their website and blogs, while also investing in PPC. With over 80% of its traffic from organic SEO. This B2B journey involves inviting brands to use the collected data to track their performance and improve their service delivery. HomeViews plans to grow its B2B proposition and has opportunities for growth in the B2C sector.

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