Multifunctional Website Serving as a Comprehensive Support Hub | Interview with Jonathan Nichols from BPD Zenith

Multifunctional Website Serving as a Comprehensive Support Hub Interview with Jonathan Nichols from BPD Zenith


In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, minimizing implementation risks and addressing support shortfalls is a top priority. BPD Zenith is a global asset management software provider. Jonathan Nichols, UK/EMEA Marketing Manager discusses their partnership with IBM Maximo and how they customize the software for clients in various industries. BPD’s experience and industry-specific enhancements make it easier for clients to utilize the software effectively. Jonathan mentions their outreach efforts, with a focus on their website and social media, particularly LinkedIn, to reach potential clients. The website serves as a multifunctional platform, offering not only product information but also a support hub with valuable resources such as tutorial videos and advice. Their emphasis on integration partnerships ensures a seamless approach to asset management, accommodating clients’ diverse tech stack needs. Beyond data access, the website promotes a data-driven strategy, enabling businesses to extract valuable insights that impact performance and drive a better return on investment. BPD Zenith’s broader growth strategy extends beyond the digital realm. They have expanded their global presence, with offices on every continent, enabling them to cater to diverse industries worldwide.

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