Maximizing Customer Value: Navigating the Value Journey and Driving Conversions | Interview with Yohanna Bako from Edves

Maximizing Customer Value Navigating the Value Journey and Driving Conversions Interview with Yohanna Bako from Edves


Revolutionizing education and ensuring its accessibility, means embracing technology. Edves is focused on digitizing learning and administration in schools, particularly in K-12 schools across Africa. Yohanna Bako, Head of Marketing and Communication helps us understand Edves aims to automate various tasks in schools, such as tracking attendance, payments, and lecture notes, to simplify learning and digitize education. Yohanna discusses the upcoming Edves Catalyst event, which brings together stakeholders in the education sector to discuss education in Africa and the impact of technology. They expect over 5,000 attendees this year. Yohanna highlights the importance of their website in gaining new clients and promoting events, emphasizing user-friendly and engaging features, testimonials, blog sections, and free demos. As a leader at Edvest, Yohanna focuses on moving customers through the value journey, optimizing strategies for different sectors, and increasing conversions. He advises getting a mentor and recommends learning from successful marketing strategies in different countries and cultures. 

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