Nurturing Brand Growth Through Strategic Engagement | Interview with Katie Oakes from Optera

Nurturing Brand Growth Through Strategic Engagement Interview with Katie Oakes from Optera


Scaling sustainability has become a key mission for organizations seeking to harmonize growth with ecological responsibility. Helping companies scale sustainably is Optera. Katie Oakes, VP of Marketing discusses Optera’s software that assists corporations in understanding their emissions, particularly those with complex global supply chains and extensive facilities. Optera has evolved from a consulting firm to a software provider with a target audience of enterprise-level businesses, and the changing landscape of sustainability champions within companies. Optera’s website serves as a pivotal gateway to their growth efforts, embodying the company’s commitment to transparency, expertise, and accessibility. Beyond its traditional role as an online brochure, the website is a dynamic hub of thought leadership and educational content, positioning them as an authoritative source. As the marketing landscape expands, Optera’s approach encompasses a blend of tried-and-true methods, like referrals and case studies, and innovative tactics such as account-based marketing, event participation, and content marketing, demonstrating a multifaceted commitment to cultivating a sustainable future while nurturing brand growth.

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