Offline Engagement and Networking: Fueling Lead Generation and Partnership Building | Interview with Somin Tong from SPARK EPoS

Offline Engagement and Networking Fueling Lead Generation and Partnership Building Interview with Somin Tong from SPARK EPoS


Offering up the best customer experience is about combining the human-to-human connection with technology.  Somin Tong, Head of Marketing and Communications discusses the exciting innovations and solutions that SPARK EPoS is bringing to the hospitality industry. SPARK EPoS is a smart hospitality technology company that provides cloud-based solutions, including robotics, to increase efficiency and profits for businesses like restaurants, cafes, bars, and hotels. They offer a range of services, all with the aim of enhancing the guest experience and an emphasis that Spark’s technology is not meant to replace human staff but rather complement their work. To expand their reach, Spark employs online marketing strategies like SEO, content marketing, and social media engagement, while also leveraging offline channels such as industry events and exhibitions to encourage lead generation and partnership building, recognizing the importance of offline engagement and networking. In combination with relying on referrals from satisfied customers and partners, their website is a central hub to showcase their smart hospitality solutions and drive growth, emphasizing their key benefits.

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