From New Team Members to 7000 Cups of Coffee: Here is Pathmonk Wrapped 2022

Pathmonk Wrapped 2022- Overview In Article Image

Some of us have waited in eager anticipation to burn 2022 to the ground; sadistically watching every moment of this year swallowed by raging flames. But for us, at Pathmonk, we’ve found success, new family members, loyal customers, and one too many coffees. So as all good things come to an end we thought we’d take a moment to reflect on, celebrate, and share those triumphs with you. Here is Pathmonk Wrapped 2022.

As of December 2022, we have welcomed 8 new members to the team. To some, this small, single number may seem underwhelming. But as a startup, with 2 founders we couldn’t be happier to have online meeting rooms feel more crowded. Those beautifully awkward times when one person accidentally interrupts another, getting to know each other based on what animal we wish we could be, or navigating headphones that just never seem to connect, has made this year more fulfilling than any other.

From Ireland to Spain to Germany to Bolivia to even South Africa, our team has collaborated to bring not only ourselves success but most importantly our clients’ success. We have generated over 23 million euros in revenue for our customers! Through real-time personalization, predictive micro-experiences, powerful insights based on visitor behavior, website analysis, and so much more, our clients are converting like no one else.

How do we do it? Why coffee of course! Coffee is our oxygen, our fuel. But for our more health-conscious and probably wiser team members, tea is elegantly consumed; keeping them motivated, balanced, and fresh. But with more coffee-drinking team members we thought that this statistic was just too impressive and so invaluable, that we just had to share it. In total, we have consumed more than 7,000 cups of coffee! Caffeinated and motivated we were also able to optimize more than 4.5 million buying journeys.

But, seriously, how did we generate so much revenue and impressively optimize so many buying journeys? We use artificial intelligence backed by powerful data. We analyzed over 100 million behavior data points so our clients could produce high-quality, and converting user experiences.

In order for our team to drive results like this, we have to be mentally and physically fit, healthy, and strong. For some, the mornings greet them with motivation and enough energy to get to the gym. But for others rolling out of bed just in time for their first meeting is rewarding enough. Either way, Pathmonk accommodates all types of personalities. With a fully remote team, we have commuted a total of 0 hours, reducing emissions and allowing our sleepy heads an extra rest. While our gym bunnies and health nuts have collectively spent over 200 hours at the gym of their choice, funded by Pathmonk!

Customer service is our number one priority, so we were delighted to welcome our very own customer success manager. With her passion for astrology, empathy, and ability to foster relationships, we achieved a 4.9/5  star rating on Capterra. Not to mention, our genius developers have written over 150,000 lines of code to offer a robust and impressive product.

As a growing team, we believe we have so much more to offer, create, and achieve. With over 60 internal projects executed, we’re working hard to produce a passionate, healthy, powerful, and connected team.

None of this is possible without you; our customers, supporters, advocates, and believers. So thank you! We look forward to 2023 when we hope to generate even more revenue for our clients, drink more coffee, and never commute again, unless it’s for team events in beautiful European landscapes. But for now, cheers, prost, salud, and sláinte to 2022.

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