The Power of Face-to-Face Interactions in Fostering Trust & Driving Conversions | Interview with Chad Waite from PermitFlow

The Power of Face-to-Face Interactions in Fostering Trust & Driving Conversions Interview with Chad Waite from PermitFlow


Navigating the world of permit applications and approvals has long been a source of frustration for builders and contractors. PermitFlow is changing that. Chad Waite, Head of Growth discusses the company’s role as a tech-forward solution in simplifying and expediting the complex process of obtaining construction permits. Chad emphasizes the significance of partnerships and tailored digital marketing strategies in their client acquisition efforts. PermitFlow’s client acquisition strategy encompasses a multifaceted approach that capitalizes on various channels to effectively reach its target audience. Chad highlights the significance of partnerships, leveraging mutual solutions to create a powerful acquisition channel. They also harness the potential of paid search advertising, strategically tailoring their message to specific markets and demographics, ultimately maximizing their impact. Recognizing the interpersonal nature of the construction industry, the company places great emphasis on conferences and trade shows, understanding the value of face-to-face interactions in establishing trust and driving conversations. In the dynamic landscape of customer acquisition, PermitFlow continuously refines and adapts its strategies to resonate with its diverse clientele. He also addresses the strengths of their responsive website and acknowledges the need to align it more closely with their evolving target demographics.

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